Pathos is the second single off my upcoming album. It's about the ways that modern technology has impacted our ability to genuinely relate to one another as human beings; with "empath" now commonly recognized as a unique character trait or identity rather than a certainty of being a person, apathy resulting from an incessant cycle of tragic news, and even, seemingly, increased levels of sociopathy in the lonely wake of social media (not to mention, the pandemic).


Cover art by Brie Hines.


Sakura is the first single off my upcoming album. Inspired by the symbolism and traditions surrounding the cherry blossom in Japanese culture, it's a song about transience, renewal, and hope.


Cover art by Brie Hines.


Cover art by Brie Hines

Put Up Your Walls

Photo by Sidd Finch


Cover art by Erin Wakeland

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